What Are The Signs Of A Cheating Boyfriend?

Having been cheated on multiple times, I have successfully left the relationship with valuable insights enabling me to identify a cheating partner and help you avoid getting entangled with one. An embarrassing fact about these serial cheaters is that they believe they can outsmart many people and cheat through relationships. They do not notice that […]

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Love yourself

“Love yourself.”   We have all heard that before, yet it sometimes seems very hard to understand, and it is vague because we can interpret it differently. Now, what does loving yourself mean? Does it mean going on a shopping spree and buying whatever you want? Not necessarily.  It simply means a lot. I know; it is […]

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Living In The Present Moment

Picture from Pixabay.com

“Life is Living in the present moment..” The first time I heard that I hadn’t taken the time to understand it. What does it mean? What does “Living in the present moment” mean? Now, let’s summarize this together; it means exactly just that! We all have to live in the present moment. If we still […]

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